Professional Athletic Resume Building at Your Fingertips

Get off social media and start building a platform for you future!

The Highlight Real app allows student-athletes starting at age 12 to build a professional athletic resume from competition scores and game statistics, athletic achievements and through the uploading of volunteer hours and grades to changes in body mass and weightlifting or time measured distance and speed activities.


Our goal is for every youth athlete to avoid the pitfalls of social media and join a platform that can shape your future.  Connect with coaches, athletic and personal trainers as well as position experts, tutors, college scouts ands more.  Get your skills and sports endorsed by coaches, get recommendations based on your performance and post your grades, upcoming schedules and growth as an amateur athlete.


Control Your 

Highlight Reel in Real Time!

Students / Athletes start here:
Coaches, Scouts, Trainers, Tutors
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Keeping Track of Your Future

Your athletic resume grows with you!

Game Performance

Upload game schedules, game statistics and season standings.  Update BMI, bench press, 40yd dash and more... Changing positions? Find a position coach/trainer to help your performance!

Academic Performace

Upload your grades, academic achievements and eligibility for High School and Collegiate Sports.

Need a tutor?  Connect with teachers and tutors for success!

Community Outreach

Upload your volunteer hours and community awards for scholarship and grant consideration.

Need help connecting with grants? Ask an advisor!

iOS, Android and Web Access for On The Go, 24/7 Profile Perfection

Mobile Smart Device Access

Our iOS and Android app allow you constant access to your profile.  Make changes, update scores, upload picture and do it all from anywhere, anytime!

Web Access

Visit our web portal from any browser to ensure your profile is up to the minute.  See who checking you out, who has endorsed your achievements and find help in the gym, in the classroom or in the community!


We've Come a Long Way

The app releases in October 2018

Check back often for updates... Our app is in BETA release to 100 student athletes across the country and we look forward to going live soon!


What People are Saying

Parents, Players and Professionals Sound Off!

"The Highlight Real app keeps my son off other social media sites that just seem to invite problems"

Kevin Angell

"My boys are excited to update their profile as soon as the game ends"

Denise Klingel

"The ability to share or print my daughter's athletic resume helped her jump ahead of others and shorten the tryout process"

Maggie Stalk


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